Storylab Productions And The Coalition Announce Work On New IP

Storylab Productions and The Coalition have announced that they’re working on a new intellectual property or a new IP in layman terms. No information on this IP has been detailed by either of the two, but the project has apparently been in development since 2017.

That’s right, according to we learn that a new game or project is currently in the works that could be something small or significant in design scale. No release window or platforms have been announced for this game yet.

In addition to the above, it should come in as no surprise that Storylab Productions and The Coalition are working together due to past collaborations, which can be traced back to previous Gears of War projects.

Titles that are under Storylab Productions and The Coalition’s belt happen to be that of Gears of War 4, and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Given that this is a new IP the devs could play it safe and mirror that of Gears of War 4 or try something completely out of field.

Moreover, the fact that Storylab Productions and The Coalition having relations to Microsoft could mean that this new game might debut on the Windows 10 Store or for the Xbox family of consoles. This means that it could help contribute and fill in the library of exclusive titles for Microsoft’s latest console.

The information surrounding this project’s announcement sadly has very little pertaining to it. However going by Storylab Productions and its interest in cinematic scenes and documentaries, we could see this new IP focus on “dynamic” documentary-like sequences, but that’s just speculation and should not be taken as literal fact.

Those of you who happen to be curious about this new project, you can head on over to if you want to explore any more bits and pieces.

Finally, what do you think will come of this new IP?

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