Contagion VR: Outbreak Is An Intense Survival-Horror Game For Vive, Rift
Contagion VR Outbreak

Monochrome’s upcoming first-person, VR shooter is yet another zombie survival game. If you thought that VR was a bit starved for originality, well you aren’t wrong. However, after some gameplay of the demo emerged, some gamers are willing to give Monochrome’s Contagion VR: Outbreak a chance.

The demo is available for download right now over on the Steam store page.

You’ll need a fairly beefy PC to run the game, with at least 8GB of RAM, a GTX 970 and an i5-4590 just to meet the bare minimum requirements. YouTuber MerpTV put out a 16 minute gameplay demonstration showcasing the demo and how the VR controls work. You can check it out below.

The demo starts with a dude coming into an apartment, and exploring the empty place.

Much like Arizona Sunshine your inventory is located on your waistband. If you look down you’ll see where you can keep your melee weapon, two handguns and some ammo on your belt.

Unlike Arizona Sunshine, you can store additional items using a backpack that you can grab by reaching over you shoulder in real life using the Oculus Touch or HTC Vive motion controllers.

Before getting into the action, there’s a lot of talking, some world building, and even a hottie on the news when you turn on the television.

You eventually get told where the key is located to get inside of the locked bedroom where Tony is located. You have to open things like you’re playing Payday 2 as if searching through bags is the equivalent of robbing a federal bank.

Thankfully the player-character isn’t averse to bopping undead repairmen over the head with a wrench, and once he gets done doing that he has to load up his pistol from his duffel bag because thankfully he’s a 2nd Amendment loving American and not an anti-gun, soy-boy Liberal.

Weapon handling is about par the course with most other virtual reality shooters. What’s kind of neat is that two handed weapons actually require using both hands. We get to see where a cop gets his head blown off by a tactical shotgun and the player has to use the shotty – one hand to shoot and the other to pump the handle.

It would have been nice if the weapons had a bit more kick in the recoil, but maybe that can be fixed ahead of the game’s launch.

If you have a VR HMD, you can download the demo for free by visiting the Steam store page.

The full version will feature multiplayer cooperative play, along with a PvP mode. The co-op seems like it could be fun, though. Contagion VR: Outbreak is due for release soon on Steam.


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