No Man’s Sky Next Update Could Aim To Make It The Game It Was Meant To Be

No Man’s Sky is the product of Sean Murray and Hello Games, and launched for PS4 on August 9th and for PC on August 12th, 2016. The game was met with a lot of controversy at launch and even afterward, but it seems that with each update the game is expanding and could end up becoming the very thing that many people thought No Man’s Sky would be when it first launched.

Arguments from two sides can still be heard about No Man’s Sky to this very day, depending on what forum board you frequent. The thing is, some people feel that other people set themselves up by projecting No Man’s Sky to be something that it wasn’t, while another side of the argument claims that Hello Games lied to the masses about No Man’s Sky.

Something that both sides can come to an agreement on is that No Man’s Sky sees major updates every so often, as seen on the game’s official website. These updates aren’t small in scale, maybe buggy, but they opt to increase the scope of the game significantly.

If you are wondering where this assessment is going, new activity has sparked in regards to the Waking Titan site, which is followed by other interactive sites that you can learn more about over on

These sites and interactive trails leave hints as to what an upcoming update has in store for fans, which, as noted above, lead to significant changes to the base game. The latest No Man’s Sky update is thought to be Update 1.4 or Update 1.5, as explained by Ivy Mike.

Now that you know what’s up for gamers to discover through this community interactive program detailing the next No Man’s Sky update, could we see No Man’s Sky become what many presumed it to be originally?

I say this because the Waking Titan clues are always 100% right, and if the update is said to be so big that Update 1.4 will turn into Update 1.5, will it make the proper leap that folks wanted out of the game to begin with?

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