Crystal Maidens Dev Video Explains How The Sexy Maidens Were Designed
Crystal Maidens

The developers behind the browser-based, adult-oriented strategy management game that’s currently on Nutaku, called Crystal Maidens, released a new behind-the-scenes video to chronicle how they came up with some of the character designs and what the inspiration was for the art.

At the beginning of the video we learn that a lot of the inspiration came from mixing some of the traditional voluptuous elements of the female body from anime-inspired art, while mixing it with the traditional Western comic book art from popular comics like The Avengers and the original X-Men.

The developers also collaborated with a lot of the community in order to build out certain character designs after they made their small chibi 3D meshes. You can check out the five minute video below to get an idea of what the design process is like for making an uncensored, 18+ game.

For the starting classes they went with the basic warrior, mage and archer and then began fleshing out the rest of the classes from there, getting creative and coming up with unique new designs.

It’s also fascinating how they went through making some of the characters to avoid them being too over-the-top or not over-the-top enough. They used the engineer as one example of a character class that they had to revise in ways so that she wasn’t too crazy looking but was crazy enough to portray her character as somewhat unstable. Her design reminds me a little bit of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.

Later in the video they also talk about further optimizing the game, improving the current modes and adding new modes.

Crystal Maidens - Class Types

Crystal Maidens originally came out back on December 12th, in 2017 during the end of the year festivities, but it was in development for much longer than that. According to the designers they had begun working on the game before Clash Royale even released. This was followed up by a pre-registration period that took place exclusively on Nutaku back in May of 2017.

The behind-the-scenes clip doesn’t say anything about the adult-oriented elements, but focuses mostly on the design phases and under-the-hood work that the team implemented into Crystal Maidens to bring it to life.

You can check the game out right now by visiting the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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