Dead by Daylight Adds SAW Chapter For PS4, Steam And Xbox Gamers
Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive announced that the latest update for the asymmetrical multiplayer PvP horror game, Dead by Daylight, is live right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers. The update includes none other than the $1 billion torture-porn horror franchise, SAW.

You don’t play as the cancer-laden Jigsaw, but instead you play as his female protégé, Amanda Young… also known as “The Pig”.

The surprisingly slender femme fatale is anything but a willing victim to be sent to the slaughter. Instead, she’s the one willing to do the slaughtering with a small selection of new devices in which to torture, maim and kill her foes, including the new reverse bear-trap device that uses a timed-pressure gauge to rip the upper part of your head away from the lower part of your neck. A short demonstration of how the reverse bear trap works is demonstrated in the launch trailer for the newest update.

The update for Dead By Daylight also includes an all new survivor in the form of David Tapp, and a new map to explore in the form of Gideon’s Meat Plant.

New perks both for David and The Pig are available, and the DLC itself can be purchased for PC, PS4 or Xbox One for $6.99.

Before you commit to a purchase there are some gameplay videos available that give you a brief look at what the gameplay is like featuring the new map and survivor. You can check out some footage from Boogey Shack featuring the new content in Dead By Daylight.

Dead by Daylight has been in frequent competition with Illfonic’s Friday The 13th: The Game, and they’ve managed to secure some pretty big horror movie icons for their title.

If you’re interested in learning more about the multiplayer survival-horror PvP game, you can do so by visiting the official Dead by Daylight website.


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