Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Trailers Prep For Launch With Kefka, Exdeath, Sephiroth
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Several new Japanese trailers have been posted up featuring the villains of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The trailers feature Exdeath, Kefka and Sephiroth. The trailers arrive just days ahead of the Japanese release of the game, which is due to drop on January 11th, 2018.

The three trailers are an extended look at the villains after they had brief vignettes in the compilation trailer that came out a short while ago.

Twitter user Miraculous Maku spotted the three trailers, the first of which starts with a look at Exdeath and his time-manipulating abilities that allow him to freeze his enemies in place with certain attacks, taking advantage of the stasis wave to do even more damage.

The second trailer focuses on Kefka.

Ever the joker, he floats his way into the screen making “wa-woo” sounds before tip-toeing into frame. Kefka’s classic boss theme plays as he fires a series of fireballs at his opponent from long range. A few of his specialty attacks that he used in that final uber-boss battle at the end of Final Fantasy VI are on display, unleashing devastating damage in the process.

He’s definitely a lot more of a jokster here than he was in Final Fantasy VI, playing around with the camera and obviously not afraid to break the fourth wall.

The third and final trailer highlights Final Fantasy VII’s main boss, Sephiroth.

It’s quite obvious out the three which one stands out the most.

The intro for Sephiroth alone will send goose bumps down the arms of nostalgia-ridden fans.

Sephiroth’s iconic theme song combined with the visuals of Midgar’s reactor in the back while he clashes swords with Cloud makes this the best of the three trailers, and the views obviously seem to agree.

Unlike Kefka, Sephiroth is a boss that likes to get in close. He has a few long range attacks to help bridge the gap and reduce the distance between zones, but once he gets close he can unleash some very powerful melee attacks and special moves.

You can look for all three characters to join the other villains from throughout the history of Final Fantasy when Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for the PS4 launches in Japan on January 11th.

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