Domina Cheats Unlock Super Gladiators, Infinite Coins, Godmode
Domina Cheats
(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

DolphinBarn’s Domina is an interesting indie game. It’s themed around gladiatorial games taking place around the Mediterranean during the height of the Rome’s power. Players will take on the role of a trainer, acquiring slaves to train and upgrade them in hopes of surviving the deadly gladiatorial games. In lieu of a recent update for the game, some cheat trainers were also outfitted with a few new options for those of you who needed to take advantage of some exploits to progress through the game quickly.

The first trainer is available for Domina from over on the download page.

The trainer contains the following cheats:

  • +1 Day Until Next Battle
  • +100 Water
  • +100 Coins
  • +100 Food
  • +100 Wine
  • +10 Days Left Until Final
  • +1000 Water
  • +1000 Coins
  • +1000 Food
  • +1000 Wine
  • Godmode

Now there are a few caveats for using the cheats. First of all, the day manipulator is to delay time, so if you need more time to train, you can add an extra day or an extra 10 days to give you more room to upgrade your gladiator’s skills or help them get stronger.

However, if you’ve failed to get them strong enough to endure the dangers of the arena, you can very well use the godmode cheat to make your fighter invulnerable. This cheat only works for gladiators that are in your possession.

There’s also a second cheat trainer available for download over on the Cheat Happens page.

This trainer has a few slightly alternate options you can utilize, including the following:

  • Super Gladiators
  • Add Gold
  • Add Water
  • Add Wine
  • Add Food
  • Fast Training

The super gladiators will apply for all of the gladiators fighting on your behalf during a bout. It’s like having a team of ‘roided up athletes compete in the Olympics… well, basically it would be like having Russia in the winter Olympics.

The cheat for fast training is a decent compensation for the lack of delaying the days. A lot of it will depend on your preferences.

Domina is available right now on Steam for $9.99. The latest developer update modified the opponent generator difficulty, as well as balanced out a few of the game’s mechanics such as the defenses and HP for certain opponents. You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.

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