Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Walkthrough
Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Walkthrough

Now that Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ is up and out for home consoles and PC, gamers are throwing up all sorts of guides, walkthroughs, and more as the super-hyped fighting game has finally launched. For gamers curious about the story mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ there’s one available.

After you start in the game’s lobby, you can then move over to the story mode, as depicted in the walkthrough from Shirrako.

Go over to the NPC at the top left hand corner of the lobby and click on “Try Story” to start the first story mode.

From the lobby you’ll enter into the episode selection to play through the first episode.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Story Mode

Super Warrior Arc

The story centers around Goku not really being Goku. Android 16 shows up and Goku has to fight Android 16 while Bulma attempts to figure what’s really going on.

The first fight is a one-on-one where you play as Goku in Super Saiyan form. Use the basic digital or analog to move. You can use the left bumper to tag (when you have a partner), or the right bumper to break through blocks. Use the right trigger to dash and close the distance. Use Circle on the DualShock or the ‘B’ button on the Xbox to execute heavy attacks, while Square (or ‘X’) is to perform light attack combos. Triangle (or ‘Y’) will perform medium attacks. ‘X’ on the DualShock (or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller) will lob projectiles.

You can use basic half-motions on the digital pad or analog controls to perform special moves. Pressing down-to-forward or down-to-back and the ‘X’ or Circle buttons will perform a special move. Pressing Square and ‘X’ together will charge up your Ki.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Bulma Panicked

After the lengthy cinematic move across the story board to face off against the Clone Goku.

As you battle the other enemies you’ll level up and get stronger. A tutorial will also be available during the early story missions before you unlock more characters along the way.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Bulma Capsule

As you battle through the map and rescue your teammates, you’ll be able to expand your team of fighters and increase their abilities.

After the cinematic in Chapter 3, you can fight Clone Yamcha. Just like the non-clone version of Yamcha, he’s not much of a challenge and can be aced with a perfect.

Your first teammate that you can retrieve in Story Mode is Krillin, who has a rescue icon by him. Every time you rescue someone with the little green icon it means they can be added to your team.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Story Map

In order to add Krillin to the team, first you have to defeat Clone Krillin.

Keep in mind that character HP is persistent across fights, so use your team wisely throughout the Story Mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

In order to make use of the other teammates be sure to press Square on the map screen (or ‘X’ if you’re using the Xbox controller) to edit your team and swap the positions of who goes first and who you want as your tag partner during the fights.

If you don’t edit your team then you won’t be able to swap your teammates during battle.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Edit Team

Once you get done adding your fighters to the team, you can add two more teammates to your group in the form of Yamcha and Tien. They’re located at the top of the map.

You can perform tags by holding down the left bumper, or you can use your teammates to assist in battle by tapping the left bumper.

Once you clear the Tien stage you’ll be able to add Tien to your team.

When you defeat the Clone Yamcha, you’ll have him join the team… even though he does so reluctantly.

The board will still have Cell, Piccolo and a few others to clear out.

When you reach Cell, you’ll encounter Android 18 along with Android 21 for the first time.

Krillin gets all riled up like a boy off his soy diet, pointing his rage toward Cell after he finds out that Cell knocked out Android 18… Krillin’s wife. Defeat Cell, which should be pretty easy, to unlock a cinematic featuring Android 21.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Android 21

Additional fights on the map will open up, including the ability to recruit Gohan and Majin Buu.

You’ll definitely want to recruit as many fighters as possible because if your life gets low you’ll need other fighters to swap in and out.

After defeating the Cell clones and Kid Buu, Chapter 5 will see Piccolo contacting Goku for help. You’ll have to travel to his place on the map, however, it’s a level 10 fight… so you either need to be really strong or really good.

After Piccolo joins the team you’ll have to clear out the map of a few other scrub fights until another cinematic plays.

Once you clear out enough fights to get to Chapter 6 you’ll be able to recruit adult Gohan.

Once you recruit Gohan, he will be thankful to his dad… along with showing some appreciation to Goku, too.

You can take out a few more teams until Chapter 7 gets underway, where you’ll encounter Android 16.

Android 16 is level 14 but is pretty weak. It’s a three on one fight, so you should be able to defeat him easily enough.

After defeating Android 16, the real villain in the form of Android 21 will be revealed, and she will unveil her true form.

After Android 21 takes care of Goku, the impact of the blast will send the player’s soul into Perfect Cell… who gets to fight Android 21.

Both are level 10, so you shouldn’t have any problems defeating her.

The DBZ fighters seek out additional teammates, and Goku manages to pin down Frieza. He’s located at the far corner of the map. You’ll have to fight through a few clone spaces to get there.

You’ll have to fight Frieza and Captain Ginyu in order to save Vegeta from turning into a 4chan meme.

After rescuing Vegeta, he’s an ungrateful chump to Piccolo. Vegeta tells Piccolo he didn’t ask for him, and Piccolo owns his arse just like that dank gif by telling him that getting a thanks from Vegeta would make him hurl.

Freaking epic.

You’ll have to scrub your way through a few more clones but you’ll be able to rescue Goten and Trunks to add them to your team.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Goku Saves Vegeta

Gotenks will end up joining the team.

The next story progression will take place after you clear out a few more nodes on the map.

You’ll be able to progress the story once you find Frieza and Captain Ginyu, and then take out the nearby clones.

Android 21 will turn Nappa into a cupcake and eat him.

Android 21 will also turn Cell into some scrumptious food and eat him, too. Though I’m sure Cell probably would have preferred eating Android 21… like a lot of Otaku.

Chapter 8 kicks in after the cinematic.

Clear out a few more of the clones and another cinematic will kick in, featuring Android 21 turning the Ginyu Force into delicious looking pastries.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Android 21 BonBon

After some light banter, Android 21 then eats Frieza… which is probably the first time Frieza’s been near the mouth of a female.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Frieza

Continue to grind through the clones on the map. After a handful of more battles you’ll unlock Chapter 9.

The map will shrink significantly, and you’ll have a boss icon on the map to face Android 21.

You’ll have to follow a specific route to the top of the map to face off against 21. It might be wise to preserve the team you want to use against Android 21 by using secondary teams for the last two team features leading up to her.

Be careful because Android 21 has a level 3 health regeneration status effect, so you’ll need to stay on top of her like an Otaku staying on top of a YoRHa 2B body pillow.

If you’ve leveled up characters like Goku and Vegeta, along with Gotenks or Majin Buu, you should be able to defeat Android 21 pretty easily.

This will complete the first episode and open up Episode 2: Enemy Warrior Arc, where you play the villains from the arc and piece together what happened from their perspective.

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