Dynasty Warriors 9 Reveal Yuan Shao, Deng Ai, Yueying, Zhu Ran And Cao Xiu

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force upcoming musou game, Dynasty Warriors 9, has more characters to join the ever-growing roster. New action trailers showcasing Yuan Shao, Deng Ai, Yueying, Zhu Ran, and Cao Xiu are now present.

Dynasty Warriors 9 official website has been updated with new characters of playable officers. It has also been revealed that climbing up Watchtowers lets you gather information about the surrounding area.

Throughout the forests, mountains and waterfronts there are clusters of land where materials can be found and resources can be gathered. Rare items can be obtained via these clusters, which can assist in crafting helpful weapons/items.

Traps (large, medium and small) can bring in usable tools. Bigger traps increase the chances of obtaining more valuable items. On the topic of traps, you can fish in holes located in cities or hunt wild animals such as wolves and bears to gain useful resources.

As for new action officer trailers, the first video that Koei Tecmo Channel posted up comes that of Yuan Shao. Once over Lu Bu, and standing as the leader of the Coalition that ended the tyranny of Dong Zhuo, he battled his longtime acquaintance Cao Cao over the central plains. His depiction in Dynasty Warriors 9 can be seen below.

Deng Ai was a minister until he became a general. Having relations with Wei for a long time, he was very skilled in using the terrain to his advantage. The Jin officer can be seen right here.

Wife of one of the best strategist, Zhuge Liang, Yueying was well versed in astronomy, geography, strategy, and other fields of learning and continually aided Zhuge Liang. The playable officer makes yet another appearance in the series.

Zhu Ran was an officer entrusted with the direction and future of Wu, other officers and those around him had high expectations due to his growing potential.

And finally, there’s Cao Xiu, the nephew to Cao Cao. After Cao Xiu‘s father died, Cao Cao took him in asĀ  his son. It is also said that Cao Cao praised him by saying “He is my clan’s 1000-Ii (league) Horse.” He, Coa Xiu, makes in appearance in Dynasty Warriors 9 as well.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch for PC and PS4 on February 8th in Japan, and for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 13th in the West.


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