Eco, Ecosystem Simulator To Hit Steam Early Access On February 6th

Some people refer to Strange Loop Games’ Eco as an agenda game, while others look at it as a single/multi-player ecosystem game. Whatever your view is on the game, Eco is set to release this year on February 6th for PC via Steam Early Access.

Eco is said to be a full ecosystem type game or a simulator in simple terms. Wildlife and the world around play a significant role in Eco, and if you want to affect things for better or for worse it’s all up to you to do whatever it is you need to get done on the world map.

Typical actions such as harvesting resources, mining, chopping down trees and doing common stuff found in Minecraft make a prominent appearance in Eco. I’m sure server options or other toggles will be able to change this, but every action affects the world around you in a somewhat fast and noticeable way.

You can cultivate or destroy the world you inhabit, which mirrors that of Earth, and you can advance technology to stop incoming meteors from destroying the planet you are on or find other ways to preserve life by doing whatever  you want in the game. As pointed out in the description…

“Save your planet from an impending meteor strike. Make the most of the resources of your world without destroying the sensitive ecosystem.”

If you’re not into building towns or doing stuff by the simulator books and want to know what Eco has to offer gamers, two videos by StrangeLoopGames are up for your viewing pleasure.

Eco can be played by yourself or with other people. I’m not sure how well the whole “sensitive ecosystem” will pan out long term if someone went down the single-player route, but the game is said to shine with more people.

On the topic of more people, the online mode will call for a balanced community, assigned jobs, and a proper government system to run the world and ecosystem correctly.

Lastly, if you want to build up a proper working ecosystem or watch it all fall apart before your very own eyes when February 6th comes around, you can hit up Steam Early Access or


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