Epic Games To Close Down Paragon On April 26th, Refunds Available

With Epic games blaming Fortnite for Paragon’s death, the inevitable consequence set for all living things has come to fruition for Paragon: Death. Epic Games will be closing the MOBA in the next four months on April 26th.

Whether you are a fan of the game Paragon or not, the reality behind it all is that the MOBA will close down on April 26th. Fans stationed on PC or PS4 will be applicable for a refund, so if you want your money back you’re more than welcome to get a refund.

The news about Epic Games gearing up to close down Paragon comes through an update post on epicgames.com. The letter explaining Paragon’s forthcoming death lies below:

“We truly appreciate everything you’ve put into Paragon. We received many passionate ideas for where to take the game; the outpouring of thoughtful suggestions is another testament to this incredible community.


After careful consideration, and many difficult internal debates, we feel there isn’t a clear path for us to grow Paragon into a MOBA that retains enough players to be sustainable.


We didn’t execute well enough to deliver on the promise of Paragon. We have failed you — despite the team’s incredibly hard work — and we’re sorry.”

To sum up the whole situation, Epic Games back on January 19th felt that due to slow development time on Paragon that team members were leaving to focus on Fortnite, which has grown substantially. Player drop off of Paragon was and still is increasing faster, leading to Epic Games to end all service and support starting this year’s April.

I wouldn’t be shocked if LawBreakers will see a similar fate, given that Nexon is blaming PUBG for LawBreakers decline in players.

Anyway, you can get a refund by visiting the following site epicgames.com/customer or you can read up on the official closing letter by hitting up epicgames.com.


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