Fade To Silence Cheats Give You Infinite Health, Ammo, Torches
Fade to Silence Cheats
(Last Updated On: January 11, 2018)

Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic’s Fade to Silence is currently enjoying a run in Steam’s Early Access. The Lovecraftian-themed survival game pits players in a harsh, winter horror-land where toughing it through the extreme cold and finding food supplies are the least of your worries. Well, if you’ve been having trouble making it through the cruel snowy days of Fade to Silence, there are some cheats available for you.

The first cheat trainer is freely available and you can pick it up from the Mr. Antifun forum page.

The trainer contains the following cheats:

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Stamina
  • No Cold
  • No Hunger
  • Infinite Inventory Items
  • Infinite Arrows
  • Easy Craft

The infinite health will help you out during your battles with the creatures in the wild, while the ability to stave off hunger and cold will help you survive the dangers of the wild. Alternatively, if you didn’t want to cheat so badly where you have infinite health and stamina, and not have to worry about getting cold or hungry, then you can use the easy crafting cheat as way to gain more items without worrying about meeting certain criteria. There’s also the infinite inventory items so that you can stock up on a certain number of supplies to help you along the way, and then you can turn it off when you feel like you have a substantial amount of gear.

Fade to Silence - Blizzard

There’s an alternative cheat trainer for Fade to Silence that you can grab from Cheat Happens.

The second trainer offers a few alternative cheats you can check out below:

  • Mega Health
  • Mega Stamina
  • Mega Morale
  • Mega Anti Freezing
  • Mega Anti Hunger
  • Mega Anti Exhaustion
  • Change Number of Lives
  • Super Damage
  • Unlimited Torches/Durability
  • Unlimited Item Usage
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Easy Crafting/Construction

There are a few of the same crossover cheats with the other trainer, but here there are some more options that step away from just unlimited items or infinite health, such as the ability to dish out super damage against the monsters, or the anti-freezing cheat so you don’t die of cold. The unlimited torches cheat will help for those who just can’t seem to find enough ways to light the way during the dark, and the anti-exhaustion cheat will allow you to get more done during each of the in-game days.

Fade To Silence - Cthulhu Deathstar

Fade to Silence is currently in Early access, and it has many more months of development ahead of it, but it’s scheduled to release in August of 2018, later this year.

Since the game is a single-player, story-oriented affair you don’t have to worry about cheating responsibly. You can be as irresponsible with your cheating habits as Bill Clinton was on lolita island.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now or learn more about the icy survival game set within an Eldritch-infested world by visiting the Steam store page.

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