Fallen Legion+ Available For Download On Steam
Fallen Legion Plus
(Last Updated On: January 5, 2018)

PC gamers can finally pick up a digital copy of Fallen Legion+ via Steam. The game’s original debut on the PS4 back in July of 2017 saw it on the receiving end of a lot of positive feedback and critical praise from reviewers. Fallen Legion+ will now have an opportunity to win over the same critics with a release on Steam.

The game features two distinct stories from Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire and Fallen Legions: Flames of Rebellion, as players will either take on the role of Princess Cecille or the rebel Legatus Laendur.

In the story of Cecille she must venture across the land while being accompanied by a talking grimoire that will attempt to help her to restore the glory of the empire. Cecille will encounter a group of fellow travelers and warriors in an attempt to defeat those who ravaged her land and bring peace back to her nation.

On the opposite side of the table there’s Legatus Laendur, attempts to rally his own troops and form a rebellion to fight the invading forces of the empire. Legatus leads a group of determined fighters, mages, and archers in a do-or-die mission to reclaim their homeland from the imperial occupation.

You can see how both stories come together with the launch trailer below.

The gameplay is a bit unlike other traditional JRPGs insofar that instead of having a typical five-member party where you engage in standard turn-based battles, you actually have a more fast-paced, reflex-based turn-based battle that utilizes the face buttons for attacking and carrying out actions with each member of the team. The combat is not for the slow of heart, and you’ll also have blocks and counters to utilize as well.

Along the way you can acquire cards to upgrade and your team, and max out your abilities along the way. You can grab a copy from over on the Steam store or wait and pick up a digital copy for the Nintendo Switch later in the year.

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