Far Cry 5 Videos Explore Characters, Wildlife, And Why It Doesn’t Have Loot Boxes

The creators behind Far Cry 5 talk characters, wildlife, gameplay, loot-boxes and the cult in Ubisoft’s upcoming Far Cry game in a new video. Two more videos showing Far Cry 5 in action also appear, diving a bit deeper into the game slated to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Whatever your thoughts are on Far Cry 5, you’ll be able to shape them up even more with three new videos exploring gameplay and the notorious loot-boxes.

The first video by Ubisoft showing Far Cry 5 is all about wildlife, characters, and the co-op feature. Far Cry 5 creative director Dan Hay and Associate Producer Philippe Fournier, talk the above points as seen below.

The next video comes in by Dengeki Online Channel. The video runs for ten minutes and shows a variety of actions such as talking, shooting, swimming, blowing up vehicles, flying helicopters, animal fighting and more.

The last video that also features Philippe Fournier, touches on loot-boxes, guns and gameplay. If you want to know whether or not the game will feature the big taboo that is microtransactions/loot-boxes, the answer and more lie below courtesy of The Game Fanatics.

In the video it’s explained that the game will not have loot boxes because they wanted the game to have a truly open feel to it and for players to access that content without paywalls getting in the way.

Looking past the latest videos on Far Cry 5, if you are curious about the month long delay we learn in another interview that The Game Fanatics posted up featuring Dan Hay the reason why. Far cry 5 was delayed for a month due to “polish” and “touch-up” reasons, this move will supposedly make the game “great”.

If you want to know more about Far Cry 5 and what the game has to offer, you can head on over to blog.ubi.com, which details the following “Mondo” version and what it contains:

  • Far Cry 5 game
  • A unique, exclusive, limited-edition Mondo Steelbook
  • A vinyl record featuring the Far Cry 5 original soundtrack
  • A code to download a digital version of those vinyl tracks
  • A unique box featuring exclusive Mondo artwork
  • The Doomsday Prepper Pack and Chaos Pack

Far Cry 5 is due out across PC, PS4 and Xbox One come March 27th.


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