Farmer’s Dynasty Updated With Better Optimization For Lower End Cards
Farmer's Dynasty

UMEO Studios and Toplitz Productions recently updated Farmer’s Dynasty, which is currently in Early Access on Steam. The game puts you in the role of a strong American farmer looking to turn a beat up piece of land into a prestigious agricultural asset, eventually working towards building a farming dynasty.

The most recent update features a number of fixes to bugs related to the barn, another bug that caused a glitch with the FOV when entering vehicles, and they’ve improved optimization for texture streaming and texture quality for building materials for GPUs that have 2GB or less of VRAM.

According to the most recent changelog, they’ve added options to pick up certain material objects via a crane and the ability to place the objects inside the minivan or on the ground. A number of other changes were made as well, including the roll out of a hotfix that made it where only bought material sources can be lifted and transported. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer that shows the most updated version of Farmer’s Dynasty in action.

As you can see, unlike Giants Software’s Farming Simulator, the gameplay and mechanics in Farmer’s Dynasty falls in line closer to voxel-based creation games rather than the vehicular-oriented simulation found in other farming titles.

However, keep in mind that you will still have plenty of vehicles and vehicle attachments to use in order to till, cultivate, and ploy the land. Additionally you’ll have to hop off the vehicle and cut down the weeds, clean up the land and keep your yard looking pristine.

But in addition to maintaining the farm, there’s also a romance option where you can date some of the ladies around the county, get married and even have kids. I’m sure the option of having interracial relationships in the game will have some Tumblr-kin and Social Justice Warriors jumping for joy… oh wait, they can’t jump for joy because they don’t play games.

Anyway, Farmer’s Dynasty is scheduled to graduate from Early Access next month at some point in February. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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