Fate/Extella Link Heads To PS4, PS Vita June 7th In Japan
Fate Extella Link

Later this year Japanese gamers will be able to dive head first into Fate/Extella Link for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Yes, Type-Moon and Marvelous Entertainment are still keeping the PS Vita alive even while Sony has effectively let it rot in a alleyway like a thinning heroin addict whose lips are too parched to suckle away what little dignity it barely pouched.

Nevertheless, the newest trailer from Marvelous’ upcoming hack-and-slash, thousand-army Fate/Extella Link certifies that the game will make its way to the Vita and PS4 starting June 7th later this year, just ahead of the official start of the summer.

The 30 second TV spot was spotted by Red’s 3rd Dimension Gaming, which you can scope out below.

If you enjoyed Fate/Extella Umbral Star for the PS4, PS Vita, PC and Nintendo Switch, then you’re likely going to enjoy what Marvelous has in store for the upcoming Fate/Extella Link. The game is yet another hack-and-slash title that mirrors its gameplay chiefly around the same kind of Musou mechanics that you would find from Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors games, but this time around a couple of new characters have joined the cast, including Francis Drake, Astolfo and Scathach.

All 16 of the previous Servants from the last game will also make a return, along with new outfits for the player’s Master character.

You also have to appreciate the fact that the Lancer’s bodysuit is so tight that just waving around her lance causes her massive melons to wiggle in the wind. Marvelous is definitely making sure that Otaku and weebs get their fan-service and there’s nothing that Social Justice Warriors in the West can do about it.

You can look for the game to launch in Japan starting June 7th for PS4 and PS Vita. If the last Fate/Extella is anything to go by, expect a Switch and Steam launch to follow thereafter.


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