Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Now Available On Xbox One
Flying Tigers Over China

The arcade flight sim, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China, has finally made its way onto the Xbox One. The game was originally supposed to be out on January 12th, but now that it’s available I don’t think anyone is going to complain too much.

You can pick up a digital copy of Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China for $18.99. It’s an odd price for a game, since usually it’s $19.99 or $24.99 or $29.99. But $18.99 is like somebody was too greedy to price it at $14.99 but too consumer-considerate to price it at $19.99. It’s like a con-man with a conscience kind of price.

Anyway, the game is themed around a real life fighter squadron who fought over the Asian Pacific during World War 2. They were an off-the-books group known as the Flying Tigers, consisting of some ace American pilots sent to help the Chinese fend off the imperial Japanese invaders.

The Swedish game developer, Ace Maddox, decided to focus the game around the campaigns that the Flying Tigers took on while flying campaigns over China, Burma and India during the Second Sino-Japanese war.

You can creep your eyes upon the official launch trailer like a stalker in the bush by checking it out below.

The gameplay is very similar to the Blazing Angels games from the original Xbox from more than a decade ago.

For gamers who have been looking forwards to a action-oriented, arcade flight sim, Flying Tigers Over China might be able to quench your thirst. The game already had a decent run on PC a while back, so if your computer is a potato and you’re stuck with an Xbox One, it might not be a bad option, depending on if the reviews are favorable toward the game.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game if it suits your fancy from over on the Microsoft store.


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