Forged Battalion, RTS Featuring Custom Unit Creation Enters Early Access On Steam
Forged Battalion Early Access

Team 17 and Petroglyph announced that Forged Battalion has entered into Early Access on Steam. You can currently pick up a digital copy of the game featuring both campaign missions and multiplayer bouts. The game is currently available for $19.99, but during the first week of being on sale you can get it for 15% off the normal price for only $16.99.

The hook for Forged Battalion is that it’s a real-time strategy game, but instead of having to assign your commander with a pool of pre-designated units, you actually get to create your own units. How cool is that?

You get to choose the base of the vehicle, the way it maneuvers, the weapons it’s outfitted with and how they’re upgraded.

The Early Access trailer demonstrates how the unit creation works and what sort of roles they can play on the battlefield.

What’s fascinating about Forged Battalion is that it’s not just a LEGO-brick builder or a like Scrap Mechanic where you take parts that look funky and perform some slapdashery to churn out an army of super powerful units that can create massive craters in the Earth with nuke-sized firepower. Instead, you have to be tactical about how you create your units.

For instance, some chassis are better suited for anti-aircraft purposes, while some mounts are better for crowd control. You’ll have access to weapons like RPGs, anti-material guns, and seismic cannons, along with standard machine guns, grenades, and acid rays.

Once you get done designing how your unit looks, you can name it, save it, and deploy it into battle.

There’s also a tech tree that requires the sort of ratiocination for proper utilization that most Americans wish were applied to public policies by policy makers.

The current Early Access version of Forged Battalion features five campaign missions from the first of four acts, along with five skirmish maps supporting up to eight players, and several skirmish game modes. Also, there’s dedicated servers for multiplayer.

According to the FAQ, Petroglyp has plans on keeping Forged Battalion in Early Access for at least six months. So if you’re interested in the game but you’re not keen on making a purchase right now, you can follow or wishlist the title over on the Steam app page.


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