Full Metal Furies Launches, But A Few Gamers Are Worried About SJWs
Full Metal Furies

Video game journalists who turned out to be sexual harassers, sexual abusers, and convicted rapists managed to sully the video game landscape with proselytizing the word of third-wave feminism and cultural Marxism. Many did this as a way to make amends for their sexual criminality, while others did so to cover up their attempts to commit sexual crimes. These law-deviating deviants are oftentimes known as Social Justice Warriors, and they’ve turned gaming into a hellscape due to their advocating of politicizing previously innocent genres, brands and intellectual properties.

Due to all this politicking and propaganda, many gamers have become wary of certain titles from certain developers, especially when they’re heavily praised by corrupted media outlets, or designed from developers located in Canada, France, Sweden or San Francisco.

Well, in the case of Cellar Door Games’ Full Metal Furies, the constant and lavish social media paeans, and depiction of four playable characters who only happen to be female, led some gamers to question the motives of the developers. One gamer asked if you could only play as “chicks”, and the developers responded in the forums explaining that the four playable female characters are based on the Greek goddesses of unbridled fury, known as the Erinyes.

Many gamers were impressed with the gameplay and the premise, but still were worried about the intentions of the developers.

As depicted in the trailer, it’s not just that the main characters are female, but they also seem to hit the checklist oftentimes used by Social Justice Warriors, such as one of the characters being a black female with a missing eye, which means she ranks pretty high on the Progressive Stack; the only two attributes she’s missing is being a trans lesbian.

This led one gamer to ask if the developers are full blown SJWs, because he mentioned that he did not want to support SJWism. User NasiPuti wrote on the forums…

“I don’t like SJWs. I don’t want to support, be surrounded by or deal with SJWs. So when I see red flags I try and inform myself. Not only is this in my interest but I’m sure the -hypothetical-SJWs would also value their safe spaces remaining perfectly insular echo chambers.”

Many of the commenters in the thread attacked him for even asking the question about the developers, especially after he stated that he was leery of them since they were from Canada.

Plenty of ad hominems were thrown around along with various insults. A few did address why the cast of characters were all female, but many were actually angered he even asked about the developers being Social Justice Warriors.

It’s not really the fault of gamers for being leery. SJW media outlets turned gaming into a toxic wasteland with all of their grandstanding harangues and vaunting about being feminist allies; unfortunately this means gamers are stuck in the wasteland created by SJWs.

Nevertheless, Full Metal Furies is currently available for home consoles and PC. It features four-player cooperative play both locally and online. However, there have been some complaints in the user review section about the online networking being broken, and so Cellar Door Games are currently working on getting it fixed.

You can learn more about the game or read more of the user reviews by checking out the Steam store page. Full Metal Furies is currently available for only $19.99.


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