Gay World Triggers People, Has Games Media Calling For Valve To Increase Censorship

Gay World

Social Justice Warriors have long pined for Valve to hire them on or hire their friends on as professional content curators. They bemoaned the days of Steam Greenlight that put the power of content curation in the hands of the community, and still bemoan the presence of Steam Direct, which puts the power of curation back into the hands of developers.

Social Justice Warriors in the media have consistently attacked Valve for not putting humans in charge of curating new game releases, or moderating the forums. In their eyes, there are too many problematic games and problematic users on the service; in their eyes, the problematic elements of Steam need to be culled.

We’ve reported before on various members of the press advocating for censorship and tighter controls on who was allowed to use Steam and what sort of games should be offered on the platform.

Well, enter Nikita “Ghost_RUS”, a Russian game developer who makes lo-fi games designed to trigger a certain group of people. In this case, Gay World is a game about the world controlled by gays, and you either play as an officer who must arrest all straight people or play as a straight person and you must do anal-squats on a bottle in the “Gaylag”.

Some people on the forums argued that the game was pushing the SJW agenda, others seemed to think that it was closer to a parody of the SJW agenda, similar to the game Feminazi: The Trigger.

For example, Virtualmatrix 258 wrote on the forums…

“I’m really sick of this SJW garbage. But what do you expect from Valve so close to Seattle, the beacon of SJW culture… “

Regardless of what some SJWs and anti-SJWs think of the game, the media have already become triggered by Nikita “Ghost_RUS”s content, with Waypoint now stepping in to pick up where others like Rob Fahey left off, beseeching Valve to tighten up their content controls.

Waypoint’s Patrick Klepek passionately unzips the pants of activism, and lets flow a stream of ridicule to pour down upon the face of Valve’s policies, writing…

“There’s no reason Gay World should have appeared on Steam, and the onus shouldn’t be on the unpaid community to do their job. Like Valve’s approach to community management, they can and should be doing better, but time and time again, a company rolling in money shows its policies are crafted to keep it minimally involved to unnecessary consequences.


“Valve did not respond to my request for comment.”

The question absolutely becomes: Did Klepek decide to take aim at Gay World because the quality of the game was bad or because the content of the game was offensive?

There are and have been plenty of bad games moving through Steam. However, a game where straight people are sent to the “Gaylag” to do squats on bottles was enough to trigger a Twitch streamer named Alex, who found it offensive, which in turn gave Waypoint a reference point for how a game like Gay World could be viewed, despite the fact that some anti-SJWs on Steam forums believe it’s a game advocating for the gay agenda and that it’s an attack (and an affront) to straight people.

Funnily enough, Klepek reluctantly admits that Steam Greenlight was the better option as a curation service when compared to Steam Direct. Why? Because according to Klepek, Nikita “Ghost_RUS”s games were all denied entry to Steam by the Steam Greenlight community.

Klepek rounded out the piece by writing…

“Gay World, while certainly an outlier, is a symptom of a larger disease. Steam’s “new releases” tab is full of trash, and while you can be generally sympathetic to Valve wanting to allow all sorts of creators an easy path to publishing on their enormous platform, it doesn’t absolve them of the responsibility to make sure it’s a platform that doesn’t promote hateful speech. Gay World didn’t just slip through the cracks—it’s evidence Valve created the cracks themselves.”

Well, it wasn’t too long ago that the media was complaining about Steam Greenlight, as evidenced by Eurogamer; that too many gamers let sexy games through, and meme games through, and games that contained offensive content through.

The media complained that too many games that offended their sensibilities made it through Steam Greenlight. And now the complaints have shifted that too many games that still offend their sensibilities have made it through Steam Direct.

I can only imagine what they would think of a game like Last Anime Boy Saving Loli, which is about a young boy who must kill radical Nazi Muslims in order to save a loli from becoming their victim.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)

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