Gearbox Has Interest In Publishing Mid-Sized And Indie Games

Gearbox Software has been known for making video games, some good and some bad, but it looks like Randy Pitchford is not only serious about publishing and getting Gearbox Publishing recognized, he and the rest of the company happen to be interested in double-A and indie games.

The gaming industry in the West has seen the dwindling of double-A studios/games in recent times, while the main focus of titles that come out happen to be that of triple-A games or full on indie titles. But it seems that Gearbox Publishing, not Gearbox Software, wants to shine a light on games that “big publishers aren’t very interested in”.

If you don’t know, Gearbox Publishing helped publish a few games, which includes helping Dynamic Pixels ship Hello Neighbor to Xbox One, while the PC version was handled by tinyBuild Games.

The act of publishing is definitely on both Gearbox Publishing and Pitchford’s radar, but we might see more “mid-sized titles and independent titles” come from said branch. We know this when a certain Twitter user by the name of Nance, inquired of the following:

Not keen on passing up any kind of attention from the community, Pitchford responded with the following comments.

Given the focus on smaller and mid-sized titles could mean something for better or for worse, but there’s no guarantee that the next game published by Gearbox Publishing will be something innovative or fun.

What is known for a fact is that the list of games under Gearbox Publishing is growing. Tiles like We Happy Few and Fortnite happen to be under that branch, which means we could see future games channel the aforesaid titles.

If you want to know more about Gearbox Publishing and its future, Pitchford notes that he’d be glad to elaborate on it during a Sunday podcast. With that said, what’s your thoughts on Gearbox stepping into the publishing field at this rate?

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