Gravel Trailer Heads To Montebianco To Showcase Snow Physics
Gravel - Montebianco Track

Milestone released a new trailer for their upcoming off-road racing game, Gravel. The latest trailer takes players to the snowy mountainsides of Montebianco.

The trailer is only two minutes long, but it gives you an idea of how the treacherous weather can play a role in how you maneuver around the track.

Unlike a lot of other racing games out there, Gravel’s weather is dynamically entrenched into the motif. So you don’t just have a muddy, snowy ground surrounding by the great white snowflakes, you also have snow flurries falling down around your vehicle that continue to help make the track a slick and challenging affair.

You can see how these conditions affect the driving with the video below.

As you can see, the snow-packed track means that reckless, full-speed driving will undergo abeyance in favor of a more cautionary approach.

Not only do you have the slippery ground to deal with, but as the snow falls it’s still light enough to create visually impairing conditions as other vehicles kick-up the snow and create a vanilla mist.

The two lap race has wide turns on a thin track, forcing players to think wisely about how they approach each turn to avoid sliding off the track. Pre-braking and easing into chicanes is paramount for racing a successful run.

The two minute trailer captures two laps, so we get an idea of what the starting line is like and what the more core racing experience is like on Montebianco during the thick of it.

The game looks solid. The physics aren’t quite as dynamic as Kylotonn’s WRC 7 or Codemaster’s DiRT 4, but Milestone seems to be improving with each new outing at an exponential rate, if not with the physics at least with the graphics. They’ve done a phenomenal job squeezing every cycle out of the render-rate for their photogrammetry-based tracks and vehicles. They also utilize some of the best real-time lightmapping I’ve seen in recent times.

You can look for Gravel to arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting February 27th, next month. For more info you can hit up the game’s official website.

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