Gunhouse, Oddball Puzzle Tower-Defense Game Launches For Nintendo Switch
Gunhouse Nintendo Switch

Necrosoft announced that Gunhouse, their completely screwball tower-defense game, has officially launched for the Nintendo Switch for $14.99. The game is currently available on the Nintendo eShop.

Gunhouse is partly a puzzle game, and partly themed around tower defense where you have to score combos to launch devastating attacks against a strange assortment of enemies.

If that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, thankfully they released a trailer for Gunhouse to give you an idea how the colorful game is played on the Switch. Check it out below.

So yeah, there’s a small, match-puzzle game included before you get to the actual shooting. As you score points and build up your stash, you begin to establish and expand your arsenal of guns.

You’ll use those guns against a crazy assortment of bizarre bosses, defending your territory along the way by peppering them with a barrage of hellfire.

It’s such a weird game that it seems like a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. It turns out that it was originally for the PlayStation Mobile, but since Sony seems to stick around for their portable devices as often as ghetto dads stick around for their kids, Necrosoft had to find a new platform to port their game to, so they went with the Nintendo Switch.

Brandon Sheffield, the creative director at Necrosoft, explained in the press release…

“Since the death of PlayStation Mobile, we’ve been wanting to bring Gunhouse to new audiences, and add all the features we never could before,”


“Switch is the perfect home for Gunhouse, and I guarantee you’ve never played a puzzle game quite like this one. Many poor souls have been lost to its addictiveness – some fans have been playing this game for 80 hours and counting! They’ll never be free!”

If you want to grab a digital copy of Gunhouse for the Nintendo Switch or you want to learn more about this crazy game, you can do so by paying a visit to the Nintendo eShop page.


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