High Noon VR, Western VR FPS Discounted Up Until January 14th
High Noon VR Discount

High Noon VR, the virtual reality, wave-based, first-person shooter from Octobox Interactive and Buka Entertainment is currently discounted through the week up until January 14th. You can pick up a digital copy from Steam for the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive at a 20% off discount for only $7.99.

The discount started on January 5th and will last up until next week on January 14th. The game features a Wild West atmosphere where players come into town as a sheriff looking to clean up the bandits run amok. The game is a typical, wave-based, first-person shooter, not unlike the classic Virtua Cop games of old.

Russian developers Octobox Interactive decided to focus on fast, fun, reflex-based gameplay for High Noon VR, where players will commandeer a wide assortment of firearms to use against the pesky vandals trying to take over your town. You can check out some gameplay footage below to get an idea as to what the action, shooting mechanics, and weapons are like.

The few reviews that are available for the game note that the weapon selection is rather diverse. In fact, you have a wide variety of firearms at your disposal as depicted in the trailer above. This includes rifles, revolvers, shotguns, dynamite and even a Gatling gun.

I actually really like the weapon selection they have in the game but there’s one major problem with it all.. disembodied weapons.

High Noon VR - Weapon Selection

What good is having a bunch of cool weapons to use if they’re disembodied from any sort of in-game representation of arms or hands? That’s the one thing that always puts me off from VR shooter games.

I suppose it’s to be expected from a VR game under $10, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when it comes to VR shooter games.

The single-player shooter is available right now for the Oculus Rift, DK2, and the HTC Vive from over on the Steam store.

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