Highway Blossoms Uncensored Patch Available For Download
Highway Blossoms Uncensored

If you missed out on Highway Blossoms when it launched back in 2016, but you’ve found yourself adding it to your library recently, you might be pleased to know that there’s an uncensored patch available for download right now.

You can grab the adult.rpa file from over on the Google Drive page.

Installing the patch is pretty simple, you just have to copy over the adult.rpa file into the installation folder of where you put Highway Blossoms.

As pointed out by Steam Uncensored, you can find the installation directory at: steamapps/common/Highway Blossoms/game/

Once you place the adult patch into the folder, boot the game up and you should have access to all of the naughty bits and uncensored sex scenes sprinkled throughout.

Highway Blossoms originally came out back in 2016, and was put together by AlienWorks. If you need a small taste of what the artwork and CG sequences are like, the trailer gives you a pretty good idea.

The theme of the game centers around a young girl named Amber who is traveling along the lonely highways in the deep west in search of a good opportunity to cash in on a gold rush. However, along the way, Amber encounters a hitchhiker named Marina, and the duo end up on a romantic adventure in Amber’s RV, which was passed down to her from her late grandfather.

Instead of enduring a sweet tale of two girls getting to know each other, the uncensored patch ratchets up the action so you get to know each of the girls a heck of a lot better.

Highway Blossoms

The visual novel clocks in at around six hours, and most of the reviews for the game are quite positive, even without the nude patch.

If you have any interest at all in checking the game out, you can pick up a digital copy for $9.99 from the Steam store.


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