Huffington Post Writer And Male Feminist Christian Chiakulas Was Charged With Domestic Abuse
Male Feminist Christian Chiakulas

A Huffington Post contributor and self-proclaimed male-feminist and leftist, Christian Chiakulas, has a history of domestic abuse and physical violence carried out against his ex-wife, Amber Sweeney.

In a detailed exposé by the Gateway Pundit, it was revealed that the staunchly feminist Chiakulas is actually not against hitting on women who he feels disrespected him. The physical and emotional abuse had been going on for years, according to Sweeney, all while Chiakulas put on an act via his writing and online persona that he was all about third-wave feminism.

Sweeney told the Gateway Pundit…

“He had punched me so hard I had a black eye. He has thrown me through a wall. Kicked me and beat me,” […] “He shoved me through the wall in front of our little one. She was a baby at the time.”

These aren’t just baseless allegations and Sweeney didn’t just vent through a hashtag, she went to the police about Chiakulas’ violent outbursts and had domestic battery complaints filed against him. He was arrested on June 6th, 2016 and charged on two counts of bodily harm back on June 7th, 2016 according to police records obtained by the Gateway Pundit.

The misdemeanor wasn’t enough to keep Chiakulas from further exacting carnage in Sweeney’s life, he ended up filing for divorce and sought custody of their daughter. Sweeney attempted to raise money online since she couldn’t afford to retain a lawyer at $1,500. She apparently was not able to get full custody due to a lack of being able to pay for proper legal representation.

Chiakulas had also managed to get into a fight with Sweeney’s new boyfriend after she refused to talk to him, and so she filed two more charges of battery against him at the police station.

Leading up to the arrests Chiakulas had been making posts on Facebook claiming his ex-wife was a cheater and a compulsive liar and not to believe anything she says. On May 16th, 2016 he wrote…

“Well, today I learned who my friends are. The answer is… none of you motherfuckers. I’m not gonna be around for a while. Not that anyone cares.


“By the way, I hope you all are smart enough to know that my darling wife (who’s been cheating on me since before we took our break and whose boyfriend just assaulted me) is a compulsive liar. Hope you all know not to believe the shit she says about me.



Chiakulas’ comments about his ex-wife are in complete contradiction to his article on the Huffington Post, where he claims that men should believe women due to the rape culture prevalent in our society…

“Rape culture is a part of patriarchy, and it involves the practice of shaming women for how they react to sexual assault, abuse, or harassment. One important way to counteract that, I would argue, is to support women, who are much more likely to become victims than men are.


“I did not support Graceanne Parks the way I should have. I am not saying that she is a victim of anything – that is for her to decide. But she is a woman and if I consider myself principled and an ally of feminism and an enemy of patriarchy, then I should have supported her, even when it did not suit me personally.”

This message of support oddly enough coincided with his about-face turn that he posted on October 16th, 2017, where Chiakulas wrote a message on Facebook admitting to being an abuser…

“Me too.


“No, I haven’t been a victim. I’ve been an abuser. I’ve been a perpetrator. In big ways and little ways.


“Fellow men, and especially cis men, this is our responsibility. We are the ones overwhelmingly inflicting this pain. Don’t you dare exempt yourself.


“I’m learning every day how to be better. I can never make up for all of the pain I’ve caused others in the past, but I can make sure that I never inflict that pain on anyone again, and that I hold other men accountable. That is what we all need to start doing, every day, in every situation, no matter what.”

Gateway Pundit makes the keen observation that on November 1st, 2017, Christian Chiakulas wrote an article for Patheos in support of the #MeToo campaign while excoriating Louis C.K., for the allegations that were raised against him.

When recently called out on his abuse in the public sphere, Chiakulas tried to redirect the conversation back to Jordan Chariton from The Young Turks, hoping to focus the conversation on him. This is despite the fact that the Huffington Post had to pull an article from Chiakulas that made baseless accusations against Chariton, which resulted in a legal situation where Chariton is suing for defamation.

After the article was pulled from the Huffington Post, Chiakulas attempted to continue to attack Chariton by posting the article on Medium. Chiakulas apparently hasn’t been let go from the Huffington Post even after the media site had to pull down his article about Jordan Chariton.

Chiakulas’ Twitter page is also filled with the typical talking points of feminism and Leftism.

Strangely enough Chiakulas had no run-ins with #GamerGate, despite being a rabid Leftist advocating for communism and being a militant feminist.


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