Hyper Universe Launches In All Its Censored Glory On January 17th
Hyper Universe Launch
(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

Following a debilitating censorship fiasco that curbed its playerbase quicker than Larry David could curb his enthusiasm, Nexon and Cwavesoft have been struggling to put eyes on Hyper Universe the last several months. It hasn’t worked. Despite the low peak player counts, the online publisher will roll out Hyper Universe as a full release that will be free-to-play starting January 17th.

The game originally generated some decent levels of hype when it first appeared on the scene, positioning itself as a side-scrolling hero-based MOBA title, not unlike Overwatch. The heroes stood out enough and there was plenty of sex appeal to rope in gamers interested in spandex-wearing heroines with big, physics-based, bouncing boobs.

Hyper Universe - Boobs

However, Nexon began censoring the game in the West, and then when called out on it said that they were doing it because of the people who were offended by female cleavage. When more gamers rallied against them, they opted to have the South Korean developers, Cwavesoft, retroactively censor the Korean version of the game as well, and then denied people the option to have an SJW toggle switch. The game’s playerbase dropped down to an abysmal 42 players during the peak hours, after averaging around 150 back in August before the censorship news came out.

Now they’re hoping to lure some gamers back in, despite barely anyone playing the game. They released a new launch trailer to help spur some interest, which you can check out below.

The game features 4-vs-4 battle modes, where the objective is to take out the opposing team’s minions and destroy their tower, identical to a typical MOBA setup.

The cash shop is supposed to only allow for cosmetic purchases, which includes skins, as well as other visual items. They’ve added six new heroes recently, bringing the total to 41 different characters.

The whole censorship thing rattled the interest for a lot of gamers, but some modders stepped into the fray to over a NEGAcensored mod, which actually took all the core artwork and then ramped up their lewd levels by five.

Given that the premise and gameplay itself has been said to be quite solid (from those who have played it), it’s a shame that Nexon decided to cater to non-fans in hopes of bolstering the appeal of Hyper Universe. Whether or not they’ll be able to overcome the censorship stigma is something that will be put to the test come January 17th.

If you check the forum boards the community is still asking and complaining about the censorship.

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