Hyper Universe Mod Restores Boob Jiggle Physics
Hyper Universe Boobs

Nexon’s Hyper Universe was censored in order to appeal to easily offended people, oftentimes referred to as Social Justice Warriors. Nexon had mentioned that in order to broaden the appeal of Hyper Universe they had to acquiesce to the requirements of people who claimed that they were uncomfortable with how sexy some of the female characters were in the game. Thus, they censored the art and removed the boob jiggle physics from the game. They also retroactively censored the South Korean version of Hyper Universe as well.

Gamers were none too pleased at this turn of events, and even asked Nexon – no, they pleaded with Nexon to add an SJW toggle switch so that they could at least play the game with the original sexy character art and with the original boob physics. Nexon declined the request, stating that an SJW toggle switch would defeat the purpose of censorship.

Well, some gamers weren’t satisfied with playing a censored game. While some users made various uncensored patches, one user offered a tutorial mod on how to restore the game’s boob jiggle physics.

You can find the tutorial over on the Steam community page from user TombMonkey.

Basically it involves editing a file and being able to enjoy the game as it was originally intended. The steps are as follows:

1 – Open up the folder C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEDocumentsHyperUniverseSettings_En
2 – Open up the file GraphicsSettings.ini with notepad
3 – Scroll down to the Physics settings and switch from ‘0’ to ‘1’
4 – Save the file and boot up Hyper Universe.

This will restore the boob physics to their original, as depicted in the video below via Rolitabun.

After the complaints from people regarding the sexiness of the female characters, Nexon and developer Cwavesoft decided to tone it down by disabling the boob physics and censoring the original Korean art.

Well, for those of you who still play Hyper Universe or want to restore the boob jiggle as it was intended to be experienced, you can do so using the mod guide above.


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