Industry Pros Try To Get Jon Malin Fired From Marvel For Tweeting About SJWs

Jon Malin Cable

An artist working at Marvel named Jon Malin has come under fire from comics industry professionals for a tweet decrying the antics of Social Justice Warriors. Not only did some of the entertainment industry professionals fulminate Malin, they also called on Marvel to fire the artist for expressing his views about a comic book on Twitter.

The supposedly offending tweet in question was published on January 21st, 2018. You can read it below.

Typically, the response from the Social Justice Warriors was to state that comics aren’t for those on the Right, and that Malin’s tweet was disgusting.

Bandai Namco writer and self-proclaimed male feminist, Alan Sizzler, was quick to get things rolling among certain industry circles.

This escalated to the point where Hollywood actress and producer Chase Masterson tagged Marvel Entertainment into the conversation.

Other enthusiast outlets like Xavier Files also attempted to get Marvel’s attention about Malin in hopes of nudging him out of the industry.

There were some people who came to Malin’s defense, including Declan Shalvey, an artist for Image Comics.

Another writer, Oliver Campbell, also attempted to add some nuance to the conversation instead of pouring gasoline onto the fire.

Following the blow up on Twitter, another comics industry professional, Ethan Van Sciver, invited Jon Malin to talk about the tweet and the concept of Social Justice Warriors via a live-stream.

Ethan Van Sciver asked Jon Malin to break down the tweet he made and explain his definition of a Social Justice Warrior and how they relate to Nazi Germany. Malin stated…

“Choosing less than noble means to get their ideology through. Silencing people – if you say something they don’t like, you’re a racist, bigot, homophobe, et cetera. They weaponize hate against clearly straight, white men. The bias against straight, white men through many people in this industry is clearly documented. I don’t have to prove it, all you have to do is look it up or get into conversation with half of the people [in the industry]. I don’t think it’s a big, grand mystery, they’ve been weaponizing racism – and a lot of the people doing it are white.


“Socialism… they’ve been fighting the patriarchy. That’s more of a priority to them than running [their] businesses.


“But the comparison to [Nazi] Germany would have been clearly that by weaponizing racism and hatred toward a group — SJWs are doing that towards white people, or anybody that gets in their way. I mean, they’ll put a knife in the back of black trans if they disagree with them ideologically. So there’s no real loyalty there, or actual concern for people.”

This is true. And while Malin doesn’t list the examples, they’re not hard to find.

SJWs in the comic book industry have been rabid in attempting to demonetize and socially harm comic book critic Diversity & Comics, even going so far as to secretly plot ways to get him physically thrown out of the New York Comic-Con. All of this is done because he criticizes Social Justice Warriors and the poor quality of their comic books.

We’ve seen Social Justice Warriors weaponize mobs against female artists in the past for not drawing the way they want or for drawing things that don’t fit their ideological preference… it happened with a female fan artist for Steven Universe as reported by Breitbart, and it happened again with a female artist who did gender-bender art based on the game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

The SJWs also drove a female porn star to suicide for not wanting to have sex with homosexual men, as reported by Twitchy. And just like Jon Malin mentioned, SJWs will turn on trans if they don’t uphold the ideological statures to the utmost perfection, which is what happened when Kotaku writer Laura Kate Dale was attacked by Social Justice Warriors for interviewing TotalBiscuit, because SJWs claimed that TotalBiscuit represented #GamerGate, and that anyone associated with a fight for better ethics in media journalism was a “harasser”. Kotaku even apologized to the Social Justice Warriors for their writer getting harassed.

In this particular case, a narrative centered around the Alt-Right was contrived to berate Malin’s character. Bleeding Cool attempted to conflate Malin’s artwork and some of his comments with Alt-Right rhetoric, claiming that Malin used his art to depict subliminal messaging related to the Alt-Right. After some prodding, the article was updated with Malin’s response, where he mentioned on Twitter

“Saw [Bleeding Cool] hit piece saying I’m = Ardian Syaf. Syaf hid blatant anti christian/jewish messages. I referenced a movie that creeped me out as a kid because of Pleasant Hill similarities, not some “reading”. Comics journalism, everyone. Take an ideological bow, [Rich Johnston]


“[…] You are painting me as referencing Alt-Right materials and you know how dangerous that is not only to career but personal safety. If I was Alt-Right I’d own it. I’m not. Oh, and… you suck. Add that to your fable.”

Over on Kotaku in Action, members asked why Johnston would attempt to draw parallels to the Alt-Right usingMalin’s work when that wasn’t what was intended nor insinuated within the artwork itself. They also asked Johnston why didn’t he reach out to Malin first before publishing. Johnston stated that he was simply using an over-the-top response to over-the-top rhetoric…

“It was matching over the top rhetoric with over the top rheteoric.”

We’ve seen this kind of response in the past from media and the Intersectional Inquisition whenever someone says or tweets out something that doesn’t entirely abide by the rules of the Social Justice Warrior orthodoxy.

Marvel just recently went through a purge of their own SJW comic books heading into 2018, so we’ll see what their response will be with Jon Malin as social media activists are calling for his head.

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