Isle Of Man TT Trailer Features In-Engine Clips But Still No Actual Gameplay
TT Isle of Man

Bigben Interactive dropped a new trailer for the upcoming racing game from Kylotonn Racing Games called Isle of Man TT. The game is based around the real-life, uber-challenging racing event that takes place on the British isle known as the Isle of Man.

The newest trailer for the game clocks in at just under a minute in length, featuring both real-life footage of the actual racing event and some of the in-engine clips for the upcoming Isle of Man TT racing game, which is due out this March for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

You can check out the clips in the new trailer below.

The trailer drives home the point that the 60km race is the longest track on the planet, even outdoing the infamous Nürburgring located in Nürburg, Germany.

According to the press release, the game will feature races where gamers will take their two-wheeled motor machines to their limits in excess of 190mph.

The track is a tricky one to race given that it features tight turns, chicanes, hairpins and thin straightaways that make passing your opponents both a thrill and a challenge. That’s not to mention that the perpetually bumpy topography means that you’ll be leaving the asphalt from time to time with small hops and jumps, which can be as entertaining as it is dangerous.

The full track fetaures more than 250 turns, and Kylotonn has supposedly worked with some of the surviving riders of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy event to capture as much realism from the event as possible.

It’s a hard sell right now until we see some actual in-game footage. They still have two months to convince naysayers and skeptics what the full version of Isle of Man TT will feature and how well the bikes will handle across the surfaces. Hopefully they aim for realistic physics and push the motorsports genre forward beyond the typical tightrope juggling act most developers employ by making their games a half-and-half experience between being an arcade racer and a simulation racer.

You can learn more about Isle of Man TT and the real life racing event it’s based on by visiting the official website.


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