Lamplight City Is An Adventure Game That Seems Like It Comes Right Out Of The 1990s
Lamplight City
(Last Updated On: January 2, 2018)

Grundislav Games and Application Systems Heidelberg released the very first trailer for the Victorian steampunk mystery game, Lamplight City. The game was originally announced back in February of 2017 after it made it through the now defunct Steam Greenlight portal, but it seemed to fade away and disappear for a while. Well, the game is now prepping for a 2018 release and a new gameplay trailer was released to showcase what the game will play like.

The trailer starts by giving a quick rundown of the game’s premise and the main character, Miles Fordham. He’s a former detective turned private eye. His partner was killed and he’s intent on tracking down the killer in the steam-powered metropolis known as Lamplight City.

I have to admit, the trailer is put together in a really slick way, and even though it’s just a minute long it definitely hearkens back to classic point-and-click adventure games like Beneath A Steel Sky or Wadjet Eye Games’ Gemini Rue. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer insinuates that Nordham’s partner “won’t shut up” as far as dead men telling tales. I’m not sure what he means by that exactly, but we do learn that the game will feature five different cases for players to solve and there are also over 50 different characters to interact with and interrogate.

Certain parts also look as if they’re animated with a little bit of rotoscoping. It looks so much like a classic Sierra Interactive game.

Fans who enjoyed those classic titles like Laura Bow: Dagger of Amon Ra and Police Quest will likely find themselves right at home with Lamplight City, assuming the controls are solid and the puzzles make sense.

The upcoming point-and-click adventure game is due for release “soon”. You can learn a little more by visiting the Steam store page.

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