Life Is Feudal: MMO Is Now Available In Early Access

Life is Feudal MMO

Bitbox’s Life Is Feudal: MMO is currently available right now in Steam Early Access. The open-world survival game is the massive multiplayer version of the standard Life is Feudal.

The game is the typical open world survival game where you have to build up and create your character from out of nothing but dust, and then proceed to venture out into the wilderness, gathering wood, metals, ore and supplies in order to stockpile your resources so that you can eventually create a snazzy little house all for yourself out in the middle of nowhere.

Building a house is just the small piece of what’s available in Life is Feudal: MMO. The game allows you to expand your house into a small village, and from a village you can then turn it into an established fortress, complete with stone and mortar and workings and the ability to repel even the most fiercest of siege attacks.

In order to protect your wealth you’ll also need to establish a garrison made up of other players, which is why it’s important to recruit others into your guild so that when your greedy, communistic neighbors decide that they want to forcibly make you share your wealth, you can tell them to go suck a tree stump, and do so by cutting off their head and leaving it where an old redwood used to be.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

In addition to gathering resources, killing people and building things, you can also capture mounts and ride them to your heart’s content, along with establishing and ruling your very own kingdom.

Much like the original Life is Feudal, the game is scheduled to stay in Early Access on Steam for no less than 12 months. So if you were hoping for a speedy outing, you’re looking up the wrong skirt.

They still have to flesh out the full AI for the hostiles, along with various NPC encounters and emergent events for players to discover. One of the new things in Life is Feudal: MMO is that they will have ships for naval warfare and for travel, and so they have to build all of that out and make sure the basic foundations are put into place.

Additionally, the siege mechanics also still aren’t implemented yet, but they’re working on adding that to the game as well.

Right now there are a lot of mixed reviews with more leaning toward negative than positive; majority seem to point to the constant disconnections, lag, server interruptions and login issues preventing them from playing the game.

Bitbox is already hard at work on additional patches and hotfixes to remedy the situation, so we’ll see if they can keep this up and eventually get the game up and running within the 12 month period as designated on the Steam store page.

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