Life Is Feudal: MMO Survival Game Enters Into Early Access January 11th

Life Is Feudal MMO

There are a ton of MMOs out there but not many medieval, survival MMOs. It’s strange, I know. However, BitBox is hoping to bring MMO fans something akin to Mount & Blade but with the grounded survival elements from Conan Exiles or The Forest.

The developers recently announced that the MMO version of Life is Feudal appropriately named Life is Feudal: MMO, will launch into Early Access starting January 11th next week.

The core game features a massive, open-world sandbox spanning 21 x 21km, resource gathering, growing crops, and attempting to carve out a small piece of land in the game world where you can craft your own home, or build your own city.

You’ll also have to contend with raiders, fight to protect your heritage, and kill immigrants trying to setup camp on your land. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like in Life Is Feudal.

Basically, you become a survivalist and then you become a ruler, and then you make sure that you keep all the pesky welfare-warriors off your property.

If you’re unable to fend for yourself, you can join up with others and form a guild, ride horses, collaborate to build an army, and eventually raze the land where your enemies reside or rule with an iron fist.

Life Is Feudal boasts having physics-based combat using non-targeting mechanics and realistic-based damage models.

Many of you might know that Life Is Feudal was already released back in 2015 as a survival game with some multiplayer aspects. A lot of gamers are angry about how the game was re-balanced to discourage player-killing.

For the new game, there will be more advanced AI, ecosystems, and terraforming mechanics, in addition to the standard PvP. Hopefully they don’t try to “balance” Life is Feudal: MMO so much so that gamers get turned off from actually interacting with one another.

You can look for the game to enter into Early Access starting January 11th. It’s expected to stay in Early Access for the next 12 months. For more info be sure to visit the Steam store page.

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