I Love My Brother Visual Novel Raises Steamy Questions On Steam
I Love My Brother

BlueDaisy Studio’s I Love My Brother is set to launch on January 7th on Steam. It’s billed as a “unusual” narrative with a unique format about a brother a sister named Avery and Beth. The game starts after Avery graduates from high school and moves off to college, but then follows the events of Beth’s adventures after finishing up high school and being left alone with her brother for a couple of weeks after the parents take a trip to Hawaii.

The game unfolds through a series of diary entries, where players take on the role of voyeurs, wisking through the different dates to see how this forbidden relationship begins to untangle between Beth and Avery.

The journal chronicles Beth’s feelings for her brother, as they evolve from admiration and appreciation into something more romantic and lustful. You can see what the visual presentation of I Love My Brother looks like with the trailer below.

There isn’t too much to glean from the launch trailer, but the screenshots on the store page basically showcase a collage of images and notes in Beth’s diary that details the budding relationship between her and Avery.

It starts with notes about her feelings, and how she views Avery, and then begins to (d)evolve into temptations and baser instincts of lust. The visual novel raises some questions about how far will the siblings go? And to what extent will they express their love for one another? Will their parents find out? And what happens when they decide to act on those feelings?

As the Steam page notes, it’s an unusual narrative format given that it’s stylized for a more personal interpretation of events as opposed to the traditional portrait-style portrayal of storytelling most commonly used in standard visual novels.

BlueDaisy’s project is billed as a short, small-sized story, and it only takes up 200MB so it’s not very long. I was expecting some sort of rebuttals, protests or outbursts in the discussion threads, but no one seems to care much about the topic of long-term desires manifesting between the brother and sister that culminates in an explosive encounter in I Love My Brother.

If you want to learn more about the VN, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.

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