Masters Of Anima, RTS-RPG Takes Cues From Pikmin And Torchlight
Masters of Anima

Focus Home Interactive and French-based Passtech Games announced that they have a new game in the works called Masters of Anima, which is due out this year for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The new title is an isometric strategy game where players take control of a magic master named Otto, as he ventures across the land utilizing armies of Guardians to fight the Golem hordes under the command of the evil sorcerer Zahr.

The objective of Otto’s journey is to reach his captive bride-to-be, Ana. He must wield the power of the Anima in order to control the Guardians and fight his way across the land to defeat the Golems and rescue his fiancee.

The story reminds me of those old classic adventure films from back in the day, like Krull, or timeless gems like Dragon’s Lair. You know, back when standard story tropes weren’t considered “toxic”, and when men were allowed to save women without a bunch of people complaining about it online via social media.

Anyway, enough about the story. It’s all about the gameplay in these parts, and a lot of gamers probably want to see what Masters of Anima has to offer. Thankfully Focus Home Interactive rolled out a debut gameplay trailer to showcase this unique new isometric strategy game in action. Check it out below.

Passtech Games’ title is a colorful blend of story-oriented role-playing, with real-time strategy management and combat. Players will have to both play as Otto and command their Guardians in battle.

It’s hard to think of another game exactly like it, but it’s a little like Dungeon Keeper meets Torchlight meets Pikmin. It’s hard to pin down exactly where Masters of Anima fits, but I think that’s actually a good thing. Not enough games take liberties with stepping outside the boundaries of traditional genre archetypes, and here Passtech Games wanted to do just that.

You’ll have five different types of Guardians to summon along the way, some of which are better suited for combat while others are better suited for solving the puzzles you’ll face along the way.

You can upgrade Otto and his abilities as he challenges more powerful Golems and makes his way toward Zahr’s fortress.

You can look for Masters of Anima to launch for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC this spring.


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