Matt Hickey, Anti-#Gamergate Journalist Sentenced To 34 Months In State Prison

Matt Hickey In Prison

The sentence for former Gizmodo and Forbes journalist, Matt Hickey, has been handed out. He’s been sentenced to nearly three years in prison, specifically 34 months in state prison after pleading guilty to reduced rape charges, according to a January 19th, 2018 report from The Stranger.

Judge Mary Roberts gave Hickey the maximum amount of time of 34 months, even though the defense attorney requested 30 months. Roberts extended the time after hearing and reading final testimony from some of Hickey’s victims.

One of the testimonies from the women recounted her experience with Hickey, where she explained…

“I was unconscious for probably 12 hours, and the only way I know that is from the last text message I could find in my phone. And when I woke up I had barely any clothes on and he was assaulting me, and trying to push me down, asking for a blowjob, things like that.”


“That’s after 12 hours of God knows what he did to me when I was unconscious. When I sat up, I realized there was towel on the bed, and when I asked him why that was there, he said that I had vomited. So I had projectile vomited over half his bed. And this man proceeded to sexually assault me next to my own vomit.”

For a decade Matt Hickey ran a porn recruitment scam in addition to being a male feminist ally and journalist. He would solicit women through a fake account on Facebook named Deja Stwalley. It turned out that Stwalley was actually the name of his high school crush, and he was using her name to lure young girls to his apartment for a potential job in the porn industry. However, there was no job, and he would get them drunk until they passed out and then, according to the victims, rape them.

Hickey’s attorney, James Bible, stated that Hickey was bullied when he was younger, and that it really affected him. Bible also mentioned that had it gone to trial he likely would have won the case…

“As early as kindergarten he started to develop a remarkable stuttering problem. He was usually the kid who was left out of everything. He was beaten up, bullied, told he was not special, told he wasn’t handsome. That went all the way through high school until he quit and he dropped out.”


“All I’m saying that is I think I could have won some of these [cases]. I think I might have won all of them. The state knew it, too. That’s why they made this resolution. And the person who sought this resolution at all is Matt Hickey.”

According to Judge Mary Roberts, it was the compassion showed by some of the alleged victims that brought her to the verdict, mostly due to the fact that some of them showed enough compassion to mention that they hoped that Hickey would get help and improve as a person. Roberts, however, stated…

“One of you mentioned Mr. Hickey might think he was lucky. I don’t think there was any luck involved. The facts in this case show calculation and really horrendous, horrendous acts.”

Matt Hickey was a tech journalist who used his platform to shame other men for liking women, who excoriated Microsoft for an after party at the Game Developers Conference that featured gogo dancers, and who came out as an anti-#GamerGate critic, standing against the movement that wanted better ethics in media journalism.

Now, after bloviating about feminism and sexism, Hickey will serve nearly three years in prison, will be prevented from using the internet to solicit contact with women, will have to register as a sex offender, and will have to do three years of community custody when he finally gets out of state prison in 2021. He also has to pay the state $332,000 for the porn scam fraud.

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