Metal Gear Survive Has Always-On DRM For Single-Player And Microtransactions
Metal Gear Survive

People can’t stop throwing expletives the way of Konami, and who can blame them? The Japanese publisher killed off one of the most highly anticipated horror game collaborations in the form of Silent Hills, which would have starred Walking Dead fan-favorite Norman Reedus and was going to be co-directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, and then they went and fired Kojima, closed down Kojima Productions, and cut out the last half of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And to rub salt in the wounds, they pulled P.T. Demo from the PlayStation Store and memory holed it from existence. I mean, who does that?

Well, if all of that wasn’t enough to get the blood in your veins boiling like hot water in a tin pot for a teabag on a cold winter’s day in Massachusetts, maybe the revelation that Metal Gear Survive will be always-on and have pay-to-win microtransactions will set the red liquids under your skin on fire.

Gamespot is reporting that Konami has stated that Metal Gear Survive must be always-on in order to accommodate the seamless integration of single-player and multiplayer content. The statement reads…

“Metal Gear Survive’s online connectivity requirements were built to support a seamless integration between single player and co-op. This will also enable us to provide ongoing content post-launch.”

The always-on DRM means that you’ll always have to check into the game’s servers to get a handshake before you can play the single-player mode… alone.

This kind of backwards implementation of service restrictions has never gone down well with the community, and for a game already garnering as much negativity as Metal Gear Survive, it almost seems like Konami is setting the game up to fail before it even gets off the ground.

But if you think that always-on DRM is bad for the single-player portion of a game, your blood pressure won’t be pleased to know that the game has microtransactions. A screenshot of the cash shop menu was released to the public, which is also known as the “Survive Coin Shop”. Take a gander.

As you can see, it’s possible to purchase supply boosters, AI companions, and more using your SV coins.

There was also a cash shop in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as well. However, in this case, the booster packs you can purchase add percentages to your battle point acquisitions, so you can earn more experience to build things quicker, or get a resource production booster so you can upgrade your base faster.

Now the microtransactions are standard fare in many games, but what could end up becoming a problem is if Konami decides to introduce a PvP mode into the game at some point. Someone paying to level up quicker, unlock equipment faster, and grow their base rather expediently could prove to a game-breaking development.

In the interim, there’s a open beta test set to get underway for Metal Gear Survive for interested gamers, ahead of its launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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