Metal Gear Survive Mission Trailer Brings The Usual Down Votes And Zombies

A new Metal Gear Survive story mission has made its way on to YouTube via a partnership through Konami and IGN, which managed to pull in the same results every time a new Metal Gear Survive video is posted: Massive down votes and zombies. Metal Gear Survive will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 20th in North America and on February 22nd in Europe.

Konami isn’t in the clear right now and fans are still holding a grudge against the company after the huge fiasco that led to Hideo Kojima’s departure from the company.

Although Kojima is working on his metaphysical action game Death Stranding  right now, Konami is still sticking to its guns with the game known as the “abomination” of the Metal Gear series, titled Metal Gear Survive.

Unsurprisingly fans still don’t like any of the Survive trailers that Konami happens to put out, even if another publication site posts it up for the company, which is evident with the latest like-to-dislike ration for the single-player gameplay trailer.

If, however, you feel that the game has something different to offer and may not be as bad as some people believe it will be at launch, you can be the judge yourself and watch five minutes of Metal Gear Survive story mission trailer below.

The video comes in by IGN’s YouTube channel.

Konami seems to be tight-lipped about this game and haven’t released a lot of details about it. Very few exclusive interviews go up explaining Metal Gear Survive and screenshots seem to be scarce, too.

Konami has been vocal on one particular thing and that happens to be a playable beta for the new Metal Gear Survive. The PS4 and Xbox One beta is set to run from January 18th to January 21st.

As for Metal Gear Survive launch date, as noted above, the game is due out for PC via Steam and home consoles during the late part of February.

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