Monster Hunter World Gameplay Trailer Shows Off The Rotten Vale

Monster Hunter World is shaping up to release globally just a week and a half from now, with a final beta set to drop just one week from today. To hype fans up, Capcom has released a new video showing the Rotten Vale area and the deadly monsters therein.

Monster Hunter World will definitely have gamers and fans alike searching areas high and low for specific items and resources. This will call for lots of traveling, which will likely bring them to recently revealed locations such as the Coral Highlands and the re-revealed Rotten Vale.

If you recall, around mid-November 2017 Capcom posted up a long live-stream video showing off the Rotten Vale area and the creatures that live there. You can see a 13 minute long video by YouTuber Play4Games showing the older version of the Rotten Vale location.

Looking past the bad video compression as seen in the Capcom live stream video, the Rotten Vale area looks much better now than it did before.

The area sees upgraded lighting and other details that can be seen across the ground and walls of the putrid land, but you can be the judge yourself and see what has changed and what lies in the Rotten Vale area by checking out the newly posted gameplay video.

The good news is that if you want to play the game early, assuming you missed out on the other previous betas for Monster Hunter World, another one is set to go live for PS4 users from January 18th to January 22nd.

The bad news about the upcoming beta is that it will be the last one for the game in question.

Monster Hunter World will release worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, and for PC sometime this fall. In Japan, Monster Hunter World will only release for PS4.


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