Mutiny!! Uncensored 18+ Patch Available For Download
Mutiny!! Uncensored Patch

If you already purchased Mutiny!!, the sexy 18+ visual novel featuring squid girls, fish girls, centaur girls, and other sexy anthromorphs, then you might be pleased to know that the Steam version has an uncensored 18+ patch available.

The sub-Reddit Steam Uncensored spotted the new 18+ patches, which not only turn the base game into an uncensored lively adventure but also uncensors the DLC as well. You can download the following patches from Mediafire:

As pointed out by the thread, you simply need to extract the patches to the steamappscommonMutiny!! sub-directory.

Overwrite the files when prompted. Also, be sure to load the base game uncensored patch first, and then proceed to load in the two DLC patches thereafter.

Mutiny!! - Bed Time Stories

The game came out a while back on both Steam and on Nutaku. In fact, the Nutaku version launched back in the middle of June. The Nutaku version is completely uncensored, and you don’t need any additional patches to ensure that you’re seeing everything those mongirls have to offer.

The Steam version arrived a lot later… many months later. It launched back at the end of October of 2017, but it’s censored up and down from top to bottom because you can no longer have natively super sexy-time games on Steam. A bunch of Puritans got their granny panties in a bunch like someone forgot to iron those massive old bloomers and now gamers are suffering because a bunch of old farts who probably aren’t getting any are angry that gamers are seeing exactly what they want from video games. Anyway, long story short, SJWs on the Left and the Puritan Christians on the Right worked together to come down on Valve like the wrath of kek dropping some mad dank memes on a Liberal snowflake.

Anyway, now that the uncensored patches have made their way online, you can enjoy the Steam version of Mutiny!! in all its uncensored glory. The visual novel is available right now over on the Steam store for $19.99.


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