Nantucket, Nautical Strategy Game Takes Players On A Hunt For Moby Dick

Now here’s an interesting game that just launched on Steam for PC from developer Picaresque Studio, who are located out of Italy. The name of the game is called Nantucket, and it centers around the crew of a whaling ship during the golden age of sail, as players will help maintain and strategize their tactics to hunt down and destroy the great white menace, Moby Dick.

The game is told from the sole survivor of the Pequod, Ishmael. The story takes place years after the original tale narrated by Herman Melville.

The game isn’t a narrative-only tale, however. Players will spend a good deal of time maintaining a lot of the basic minutiae when it comes to sailing and keeping the crew in order. For instance, you’ll need to make port and find jobs in order to keep your finances in order, as well as picking up new crew members and dealing with the necessary events to keep the ship moving and running in tip top shape.

Along the way you’ll need to upgrade Ishmael’s skills using RPG style leveling. You’ll have to increase your affinity for dealing with the raging seas and attempting to track down Moby Dick.

You’ll do more than just travel the seven seas to track down that pesky giant, over-sized piece of sushi. You’ll also have to do battle against other pirates as well.

Combat is handled in turn-based, card battles where you’ll have to roll the dice and hope that you have the necessary skills to take down your foes.

You can also replace your ship with something smaller and faster, something larger and sturdier, or something just right in between.

Nantucket has so far received fairly positive review scores from the gamers on Steam for being a solid strategy game set during nautical renaissance. However, some people didn’t quite care for the leveling system or the random elements in the combat mechanics.

Even still, if you wanted to give the game a go, you can do so for $17.99 from over on the Steam store page.


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