What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? Uncensored Patch Will Be Free
What My Neighbors Are Demons
(Last Updated On: January 6, 2018)

Critical Bliss’ What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? is a comedic sex romp about a promiscuous high school student named Selene who ends up driving her boyfriend away due to her extreme kinks. When she graduates and heads off to college, she ends up becoming more reserved in her sexual adventures, limiting her lasciviousness to her own private quarters. However, all of that changes when she meets her new neighbors.

What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? is a nukige that explores Selene’s unconventional relationship that buds between a succubus and incubus when the duo demons decide to “fix” Selene when they find out about her new lifestyle as a more conservative and reserved young woman.

As the trailer insinuates, players will journey with Selene in a series of over-the-top sexual escapades. The game description states that Selene will be subjected to a number of fetishes and fetish themes that span the gamut of preferences and kinks.

Critical Bliss wanted to rekindle some of the old-school sexiness found in the music from the 1980s and 1990s, and hope to imbue the game’s aesthetic with some of those funky and sensual themes. They also mention that this level of commitment extends to the game’s voice-overs and audio clips, with lots of groaning, moaning and panting taking place.

The trailer makes it hard to tell exactly how raunchy it will be, but we all know that it can’t go too far due to the Puritans holding Valve by the short and curlies, so expect plenty of censorship for the Steam release of What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?. On the upside the developers mentioned that the uncensored patch will be free for everyone once the game releases, mentioning in the forums

“Yup! We aren’t the types to make you have to pay twice for content… :U

“It’s called having integrity.“

Some of the discussion in the forums are already talking about the game possibly getting taken down, but Critical Bliss is assuring everyone that there’s plenty of hidden content to unlock and that with the uncensored patch it will be a full fledged nukige.

The developer mentioned in the forums that they’re aiming to push the envelop in a variety of different directions…

“This VN is not designed to target a specific gender group. Its designed to target an audience that like a variety of themes in their Nukige.”

So how far are they going and what kind of degeneracy can you expect? Well, if I even list the tags here Google might have a conniption fit, but the developers aren’t shy about what you’ll find in the game, as they list it all out in this forum thread here.

If you’re still unsure about What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?, there’s a free demo you can download right now by visiting the Critical Bliss Patreon page. Alternatively, you can keep track of the visual novel’s release by keeping an eye on the Steam store page.

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