Next Up Hero Free Beta Key Giveaway Is Live
Next Up Hero

Next Up Hero has entered into closed beta testing ahead of its launch into Early Access on Steam starting January 11th. The game is a roguelike, isometric, arcade, asymmetric co-op game where it involves the community and focuses on player-growth and leveling, along with unlocking new abilities by taking them from increasingly powerful enemies that you defeat.

Aspyr Media offered One Angry Gamer some free closed beta keys ahead of the game’s Early Access launch, and so we’re giving the keys away to those who want to play-test the isometric action-RPG.

If you want a free closed beta key, the process of getting a hold of one is quite easy.

1 – Click the “Like” button on the One Angry Gamer Facebook page
2 – Grab a key posted up on the page or request a key via message
3 – Use the beta key to retrieve a copy from the Steam client
4 – That’s it, you’re done.

Once you complete all the steps you can begin to play Next Up Hero and dive into the game.

So what is Next Up Hero? Well, it’s like a typical roguelike but with the added bonus of being able to get stronger by using the dead souls of people who have attempted to beat the stage and failed. Yes, cue the Dark Souls comparisons. However, in this case, the game really is like Dark Souls insofar that the other people you encounter who died along the way can help you to become stronger. It’s a neat little concept where dying isn’t the end of your journey, just a small step to help someone else become stronger in theirs.

The base game will feature nine playable heroes with additional skins and abilities you can unlock along the way. As you get stronger you can usurp the skillsets from the enemies you face off against, constantly adding to your repertoire in order to become more skilled and more dangerous.

Joe Tringali from 5th Cell, the makers of Scribblenauts and Drawn to Life, is leading the project at the new studio Digital Continue.

They will be implementing new content, updates and features once the game enters into Early Access come January 11th. For those of you who participate in the beta, all your stats, your skills, and your progress will carry over into the Early Access run.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website or you can hit up the One Angry Gamer Facebook page to get your hands on a free beta key.


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