Nintendo Labo For Switch Has People Paying $69.99 For Cardboard
Nintendo Labo

If you thought that your life was bereft of cardboard cutouts, cardboard buildings, and cardboard art, Nintendo has a solution in the form of Nintendo Labo, a cardboard-themed toys-to-life venture where the toy is a sheet of cardboard. That’s no joke.

The project centers around buying a bunch of cardboard sheets, bending and folding them into pieces as if your fingers were ballet dancers working over paper mache, and then you craft the cardboard into some odd looking contraptions, devices, and even doll houses… yes, doll houses.

It’s an impossible thing to describe without seeing how absurd it is with your own eyes. So, in order to see how absurd it is with your own eyes, there’s a video demonstration below.

The video showcases how you can use the Nintendo Switch and the Joy-Cons in a number of bizarre contraptions, some of which includes greating a remote control beetle, a fishing mini-game, and even a motorcycle mini-game where you craft the handlebars and use them to race.

The Nintendo Labo makes use of the Joy-Con’s accelerometers, gyroscopic controls and HD Rumble functionality to partake in the variety of mini-games included in the software app.

Nintendo Labo - Remote Control

The app itself will teach you how to build and craft certain objects out of the cardboard included in the package, and then it will walk you through making use of the cardboard to play the games.

The whole thing is a multi-step process to make it work, featuring a lot of paper-crafting, tape, string, and folding.

The video for some odd reason went viral, with millions of people having watched, and a good 20,000 or so people having disliked it for the obvious reasons.

Nintendo Labo isn’t cheap either. Paying to play with homeless people’s shelter will run you a not-so-cheap $79.99 for the robot kit and $69.99 for the variety kit. These expensive cardboard cash-ins are somehow already becoming best-sellers on Amazon, so apparently a lot of people want to play with cardboard like they were in fifth grade.

Nintendo Labo is did out on April 20th, 2018 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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