No Man’s Sky Update 1.4 Could Be Superseded By Update 1.5

The rumors were right about Sean Murray teasing something in regard to No Man’s Sky when he said “Prawn Curry”, but it seems that folks won’t be getting Update 1.4, but could get update 1.5 for PC and PS4 in the near future.

Upon heading to or the ARG, and typing in the following word “Whois”, it will bring gamers “#Whatis1.5”. This can be seen below after having tested the query.

The next clue comes in as a glyph at the bottom of the page that wasn’t there before, where if you click on the icon it will lead to a message that reads:

“Dear Elizabeth


We have finished processing 10,000 passes as per your requirements. You should have them in time for the next phase. I really hope you will like the final product.


Kind regards, Gail”

In addition to the above, two websites linked to the ARG went up, which happened to be that of the and The former site reads “Process Terminated,” while the latter site reads “{1.5}”.

Lastly, the latter site holds six hexadecimal codes that, when translated, reveal the word “Mirror”.

Many fans knew something when Sean Murray came on Twitter to tweet the words “Prawn Curry” back on December 1st, 2017. Not only did it symbolize that all radio silence was terminated, but it meant that more cryptic clues would surface, which as listed above has come to fruition.

The thing is, though, why supersede Update 1.4 with Update 1.5? One theory that many fans believe, although this is just a rumor, is that the next update will be even bigger and better than before.

You can keep up with this “Mirror” and “1.5” No Man’s Sky stuff by hitting up the given links. As of now, Hello Game’s space sim is currently available to play across PC and PS4.

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