Omensight, Narrative-Driven RPG Focuses On Choice-Driven Endings

Spearhead Games’ upcoming title Omensight sounds like it could be a very interesting game when it release at some point in 2018. The title is being written by Sories: The Path of Destinies alum Nadim Boukhira and The Holder’s Dominion‘s Genese Davis, while Fallout: New Vegas writer and legendary game developer Chris Avellone assisting with the script.

The game puts players in the role of a Harbinger, a powerful warrior that exists outside the boundaries of time. Your objective is to unravel the mystery behind a murder by surveying all of the possible individuals involved. While this might sound like a typical narrative-driven game, there’s also a unique combat element involved, as you can help save or kill certain warriors depending on whose side you align yourself with.

The main objective is to piece together the whole story by gaining perspective from each of the warriors possibly involved in the murder. You can get a glimpse at the teaser trailer below, which helps setup the story.

Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t reveal much, but over on the Steam page for Omensight they have a few in-engine screenshots, showcasing the 3D environments that you’ll be exploring.

The main objective is to follow the different warriors and mages around, and either help or hinder them depending on how you want the story to unfold.

One thing that does stand out is that it’s mentioned that Omensightz will have a “fluid” and “stylish” combat system. So maybe we can expect something along the lines of a traditional 3D action-RPG?

Malik Boukhira, the creative director on Omensight mentioned that there will also be narrative puzzles to piece together, stating in the press release…

“Players told us how they enjoyed manipulating time to collect all the different endings in the game. With Omensight, our new original title set in a fresh universe, we’re taking this idea one step further. What we like to call the ‘narrative puzzle’ will extend to a range of diverse characters in Omensight, and we can’t wait to see how players navigate the intricacies of these characters’ actions and reactions to solve the mystery of Urralia’s demise.”

The game will be demonstrated with hands-on time featuring a small vertical slice of the story and combat at this year’s PAX South.


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