Online Multiplayer Added To Aqua Moto And Snow Moto Racing For Nintendo Switch
Snow Moto Racing Multiplayer Switch

Zordix and BigBen Interactive announced that the European and Australian versions of Aqua Moto Racing Utopia and Snow Moto Racing Freedom have been updated with online multiplayer support. Previously the games only had local multiplayer, but the update will enable gamers to take the competitive race online to face off against other players.

Not only did they add the much-requested online multiplayer support, but the update also features some additional improvements to both games as well, including improved frame-rates for the Switch version, a better designed experience for beginners with some QOL tweaks, optimized and refined graphics, a few tweaks to the physics of the vehicles, and some overall bug fixes for the game.

Snow Moto Racing Freedom actually looks pretty slick on the Switch. It was called “bland” and had “no heart” when it came out for the PS4 and PC last year. It received a lot of middling reviews for what it had to offer, despite having seven game modes that spanned championship races all the way down to leisure races.

Personally, I thought Aqua Moto Racing Utopia was pretty cool just because we don’t get many watercraft racing games, especially ones with physics-based water effects that actually affect how the race plays out.

But now that both games have online multiplayer support for the Switch versions, it’s possible to game on the go while also competing against other people from around the world.

While both the Australian and European versions of Aqua Moto Racing Utopia and Snow Moto Racing Freedom might be updated and available, the North American versions have yet to release. Both games will be available on the Nintendo Switch via the eShop at some point soon in 2018.

Alternatively, you can also pick up digital copies of both games for PC and PS4. The PC versions were updated late last year in December with the new optimization tweaks and gameplay balances.


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