Opinion: Why you absolutely need a Nintendo switch in your life
Nintendo Switch

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Do you wonder why people nowadays still get excited about Nintendo? Well, maybe because of how the Nintendo delivers itself to the consumers and of how it consistently put out good products. It has set our mind that once a product has Nintendo on the box, you can guarantee it’ll be a good game. It might not be your thing but it’ll be a quality product.

Over the years, Nintendo is doing its best to go and be innovative as the technology in this planet proactively changes. You’ll learn in this article that Nintendo succeeded in the innovation of a more appealing gaming console to this date.

Here are some of the most important reasons why Nintendo Switch is a winner for gamers and why you absolutely need one in your life:

  1. It is portable – It can be played on the big screen TV at home and it can now also be used as a tablet but still with full controls. This means that console-quality gaming can be enjoyed whether your outdoor or at home. The handheld console can go up to six hours on a single charge but this may vary depending on the game that is being played. The console can be charged via USB-C even while playing.

  1. Play the Nintendo switch with your squad anywhere – Taking a gaming tablet out to meet friends without bringing a spare controller might be a bit unsociable. That’s why the Nintendo Switch features a split controller which can be held side-on for the benefit of multiplayer gaming. The great thing about this is that the gamer doesn’t need to carry anything extra. The Switch is also local network friendly, which means, multiple tablets can be connected for local multiplayer gaming. Four-way FIFA using only two tablets? Yes, Switch can do that.

  2. The Cartridge gaming is back – Like the good old days, this is a great idea for those who wish to share their games. Having the cartridges also means that the memory on the console can all be used for the best gaming experience rather than using it for storage.

  1. There’s no region lock – Unlike the other gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch will not be locked to a certain region and that means that all games, no matter where they are bought will absolutely work on all the Switch units. It also means that connecting the gameplay is possible with anyone in the world.

  1. The controllers are made for mobility – Nintendo has come up with their slide-on and slide-off “Joy-Con” controllers which can be attached to the tablet for comfortable and full-control gaming. This allows easy tablet control, complete with analogue sticks and shoulder buttons. The Joy-Con controllers can also be detached from the tablet and be held in each hand for gaming with the portable screen. These wireless controls work at a distance so the tablet can be stood up using the built-in kickstand while gamers sit back comfortably.

  1. Pricing is affordable – For a complete console that already comes with mobile tablet controllers, the Nintendo switch is well priced. Its price offers a solid alternative to the Sony PlayStation PS4 slim price.

In a world where gaming console manufacturers are trying to get their systems to run the games at 4K resolution, Nintendo once again pitches a curve-ball. Instead of aiming to be more powerful than the others, they went for making a gaming tablet that can really enable you to play console with quality games on the go. Grab your bundles now as the cool new Nintendo switch in Neon colours is also available! Yes, you read it right. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and neon Red Joy-Con is out on the market!


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