Opinion: Is the #Metoo movement going a bit too far?
Harvey Weinstein

[Disclosure: This is a guest editorial]

The #MeToo movement started with accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, but quickly spiraled out of control to include some serious and some not-so-serious interactions between men and women. It definitely led to some questionable cases coming into the light, which has some people asking if the #MeToo movement going too far?

In short, it certainly is. Even some old school feminists think so, too. Just look at what feminist icon Germaine Greer has recently come out and said, according to NME

“What makes it different is when the man has economic power, as Harvey Weinstein has.


” If you spread your legs because he said ‘be nice to me and I’ll give you a job in a movie’ then I’m afraid that’s tantamount to consent, and it’s too late now to start whingeing about that.”

Now she has faced a huge backlash from those on the “frontlines”.

Does this mean they’re right and she’s wrong? No, it doesn’t. It means that there are many different views about this issue and not all women are jumping on the bandwagon of popularity.

Actor Matt Damon also came out and criticized the movement according to the Boston Globe, saying…

“There’s a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation. Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated.”

The Bourne Identity star wasn’t the only one to speak up about #MeToo and criticize the movement for going too far. Taken actor Liam Neeson also both supported and criticized #MeToo, calling it a “witch hunt”, according to THR

“There’s some people, famous people, being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee … and suddenly they’re being dropped”

However on the other side we have the fallout from Kevin Spacey and the allegations of Anthony Rapp. At the time I did feel that Kevin had been treated unfairly, such a fall from grace from just one accusation. Now it turns out there is a lot more going on which we’re not aware of. Especially with the accusations from his brother Randy Fowler about sexual abuse done to them by their father, as reported by The Sun. So it seems there will be more revelations about this soon.

Overall I think this shows that we are going through a huge moment of flux; a moment where all the rules have been thrown into the air and everyone is scrambling to say what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s almost a bit of a civil war.

But this has been a long time coming, certain elements don’t want there to be any change to the status quo, some want some small changes but generally want to keep things as they were. Others want to completely smash the system and all the other ideas in-between.


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