Oriental Empires, 4x Strategy Covering Ancient China Goes DRM-Free On GOG.com
Oriental Empires

Iceberg Interactive and Shining Pixel Studios announced that the DRM-free version of Oriental Empires has launched in full on GOG.com for $29.99. However, there’s a launch discount for gamers looking to get their hands on the title, allowing you to pick it up during release for only $17.99 for a limited time.

Oriental Empires originally came out back in 2017 for Steam, and having fully graduated from Early Access on September 14th. If, however, you’re not all that keen on supporting Steam or you would prefer to develop a DRM-free library of games, you can do so now that the title is available on GOG.com.

So what is Oriental Empires? Well, it’s a 4x grand strategy game set during the ancient Orient when tribes were still prevalent, dynasties ruled the land, and the unification of China was a pipe dream at the time.

Players will start out as a small tribe and will attempt to develop into an industrious nation. You’ll be able to choose from 24 different factions, each with their own bonuses and penalties depending on what your preferences are for dominance and how you plan to rule.

Each tribe will have its own focal point of conquest, whether that be through sheer dominance or through diplomatic brilliance. Players will have to manage the resources of their group, accrue funds to raise an army, strategically balance military forces versus civilian productivity, as well as attempt to utilize politics to subvert your foes.

As a 4x strategy game, your options aren’t just limited to military might, you can also attempt to ally yourself with neighboring tribes, attempt to advance your technology to overthrow your rivals, and even take advantage of the land in order to strategically out-maneuver your foes.

You can focus on being a commerce-driven nation, a peaceful nation, or a nation that drives your enemies before you, razing their villages and taking their women for your own pleasures. Things can escalate even further when you throw the multiplayer online modes into the mix.

You can pick up a digital copy of Oriental Empires right now from over on the GOG.com store page.


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